Seed of Change Counseling & Neurotherapy Services


Fees / Insurance

At seed of Change Counseling and Nerotherapy Services, I offer a FREE in-person 30 minute consultation.  This allows us to get to know you and to be sure that we can help you achieve your goals It also helps you to get to know us so you can be sure that you feel comfortable with Amy or Donna as a therapist.

Our prices for Neurofeedback assessments are $350.00. Our rate for Individual therapy is broken down into half an hour increments (60 minutes $120.00, 90 minutes $180.00, 120 minutes $240.00) as are our Family therapy rates (60 minutes $140.00, 90 minutes $200.00, 120 minutes $260.00) Our DBT Group therapy is: 90 Minutes for Adults and 60 Minutes for Adolescents.  Both groups are an out-of-pocket cost of $40.00 with a one time $38.00 fee for the Adult DBT Skills Book and $25.00 for the Adolescent.


At this time, Seed of Change Counseling Services is proudly accepting : Optum, United, Beacon Behavioral Health, Tricare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna & Cigna. 

Individual counseling is $120.00 / hour for Amy

and $60.00 for Donna.


Family and couples counseling is $140.00 for Amy
and $80.00 for Donna
Group counseling is $40.00 for both adults and adolescents. (Out-of-Pocket)
The Adult DBT Skills Book is $38.00
The Adolescent DBT Skills Book is $25.00